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Frequently Asked Questions: About LibGuides

Includes information about the Library, Donors Forum and LibGuides.

The Library has WiFi!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LibGuides?

LibGuides are a tool to get you started on your research.  They include links to books and print journals in the Library, as well as our databases.  They also include links to Websites and publications that are freely available online.

Do I need to be a Donors Forum member to use LibGuides?

You don’t need to be a member, but some content may be for members only.

Can I access LibGuides remotely?

Yes, you can access LibGuides remotely, but you cannot access all the content remotely.  

So how can LibGuides help me?

LibGuides can help you plan how to use the Library before your visit by suggesting resources that best fit your needs.

Are they easy to use?

Yes, everything is organized by tabs along the top.

How often will you add new LibGuides?

We plan to add new guides every month.  You can check back regularly to see what’s new, follow us on Twitter, or read updates in Forum Notes.